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Blood circulation index

During the day, our blood pressure changes, and within a month, weight can change quite noticeably. The state of health and the state of the body as a whole depends on these indicators.

The benefits of pre-medical diagnostics

Usually we start to deal with health when something is already worried. But why wait for the onset of the problem, if you can prevent the threat by eliminating the provoking factors.

Art therapy

Elevated mood is great, but what to do if cats scratch their souls, everything is annoying and a feeling of hopelessness rolls over? Psychologists advise in such cases to engage in creativity. How long have you picked up a pencil, brush, stack?

SOTKA: 100-day workout + self-control bonus

Does it take longer to get to the gym through traffic jams than the class itself? Discover the alternative - a free online program from the founders of WorkOut subculture: city street fitness.

How to monitor your health with Engy Health

How does Engy Health service allow you to assess stress, fatigue, readiness to go to workout at home on a daily basis, and also shows the state of the body as a whole on a graph? And just based on the analysis of heart rate variability.

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Feedback. How to get out of overtraining and get in shape with Engy Health

Igor Kurtepov, an ultra-runner and triathlete, an ultra-long-distance sports coach and the author of the healthy lifestyle blog Begoman, talks about how to regain shape after getting into the overtraining zone and avoid similar mistakes in the future using HRV

Feedback. How I Prepared and Recovered for the Half Marathon with Engy Health

Three years ago I was actively involved in triathlon. During this time, I overcame Ironman and Norseman and got certified as a trainer. Here's how I adjust my training load with Engy Health.

Feedback. How do I adjust my training plan and load based on HRV indicators?

Boris Shkolnikov, our CTO and triathlete, shows by his own example how Engy Health helps to find a balance between sports, health, business and family every day.

Feedback. How Engy Health helped me find out the ideal length of vacation

Our colleague went on vacation to Bali with Engy Health and found out how many days it takes for the physiological recovery of the body after the stress of the capital and whether surfing really has a positive effect on health.

Feedback. How I Found My Stress Management Method With Engy Health

My name is V. Sokolov. I'm an entrepreneur, I'm 33. I started my fight against stress and complete burnout a year ago. The main tool that helped me track my recovery was the Engy Health method for measuring heart rate variability (HRV). In this article, I share my experience.

Balance: how to find harmony between tension and relaxation?

The dream of many is to find a balance between work and play, needs and opportunities. Our body also needs a balance between tension and calmness. The heart rate variability technique, which is the basis of Engy Health, makes it possible to find and maintain this balance.

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