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Art therapy

Elevated mood is great, but what to do if cats scratch their souls, everything is annoying and a feeling of hopelessness rolls over? Psychologists advise in such cases to engage in creativity. How long have you picked up a pencil, brush, stack?

Try it and you will find that it helps:
- Understand yourself: understand the cause of internal discontent, and having designated it, find a solution,
- Learn to relax and have fun here and now. This will help to find inner harmony, which will immediately affect the attitude and relationships with others.

What to do?
- You can draw with paints, pencils, pen, glass, paper or other surface;
- create origami, paintings by numbers, collages from photos, paper;
- to make dolls, masks, soft toys;
- to do body art;
- etc.
There are many options. Choose your heart's content and find at least half an hour to try. We guarantee that the time will not be wasted!

The training course is easy to find on the Internet, you can follow your own, special path, and if you want to be creative in society, sign up for group classes. There are probably many clubs in your city. Or find a thematic Internet association where people from different cities and countries are engaged in the same hobby, communicating and sharing the results. For example:
- a service for joint online drawing
- with a community for joint sewing
- online club for making toys
- с knitting community


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