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Monitor your health

Free HRV-based service, Engy Health monitors your health, stress and energy. Connect your heart rate monitor to Engy Health and track your health

What will Engy Health give you?
Health control = saving time and money

The future belongs to preventive medicine: it is better to prevent diseases, not fight them. Engy Health will record the first symptoms of a pre-painful condition and give recommendations for a quick recovery. Do not waste time and money on a long and expensive fight against diseases - suppress conditions for their development

More about the technique

You are at risk
You are weakened. Timely rest will restore health
Disruption of adaptation. You need a doctor's help
You are completely healthy
Understanding if your body is working effectively

Fitness trackers record scattered data - Engy Health reflects indicators that are responsible for the functioning of the body as a whole system. Engy Health is a personal health consultant in your pocket. Indicators that Engy Health tracks:

  • Energy
  • Load (PARS)
  • Stress
  • Pulse
  • Vegetative balance (LF / HF)
  • Sympathetic system (LF)
  • Parasympathetic system (HF)
  • Normalized RMSSD
  • Circulatory system

Compare Engy Health to fitness trackers

Personal trainer in your pocket

Athletes and coaches around the world use RMSSD, CV and SDNN to control load to avoid overload and stalls on the way to athletic goals. With Engy Health you will be able to accurately determine your recommended level of physical activity during training

Learn more about Engy Health's opportunities for athletes

Controlling stress and anxiety levels

Increased stress and anxiety are health risks. Stress levels can be measured objectively and started to be monitored. With Engy Health, you will see your stress state and be able to understand what in your lifestyle leads to better or worse stress.

Learn more about Engy Health's stress management capabilities

Find your way to better health

With Engy Health, you can understand how changes in the rhythm of life, stress, affect your health. Find empirically your optimal mode of life and work / life balance for the sake of maintaining health

Professional physiologists support you

Engy Health gives clear recommendations for improving health. If you need support, our professional physiologists are ready to decipher your heart’s signals

3 reasons to trust Engy Health

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Engy Health in the media

Such people are taken into astronauts. How do those who do not have the right to sickness monitor their health?

The Arctic: how to get there, who you can meet there and how to survive there at all

Why you can't live in constant stress

How stress and energy scores are calculated in fitness gadgets

How a fitness gadget can reduce the likelihood of complications during an epidemic

Engy Health - a guarantee of professional measurement accuracy

Engy Health is a partner of the international scientific project SIRIUS 18/19 conducted by the IBMP RAS and the NASA Human Research Program (NASA HRP).

Using Engy Beat devices, scientists from the Institute of Biomedical Problems (Russian Academy of Sciences) monitored the health of participants in a 120-day experiment simulating a space flight

I want to know the details

Do I need Engy Health?
If you are over 30

From 30 your responsibilities grow with family, businesses and careers. They require more and more strength with age-related changes on background. Engy Health suggests the optimal work/life balance

If you are stressed

The less stress, the higher the quality of life. Engy Health monitors the state of the sympathetic system responsible for stress in the body and provides tips to reduce stress level

If you do sports, yoga, meditation

Exercise like a pro: with accurate health data, not just feelings

If you watch your sleep

Knowledge of sleep hours and phases is not enough. Track with Engy Health the complex impact of your sleep schedule on health and recovery

If you care about your relatives

Engy Health will show whether your relatives are healthy or at risk

Every element is important for health

Determine the best sleep schedule for your health and its duration

Stress and overload

Control your accumulated stress levels


Be clear about when your body needs rest


Monitor how your diets and weight management programs affect health


Set the required level and mode of physical activity


Identify the effect of a course of treatment or medications on the complex state of the body

To use Engy Health, you need a sensitive heart rate monitor. For example, Engy Beat

Buy Engy Beat

Or connect one of the recommended heart rate monitors and use Engy Health for free.

Engy Health Community News
Sports / healthy lifestyle
27.10.2020 How to check the effectiveness of a healthy lifestyle hack with Engy Health?

On the Internet there are a large number of healthy lifestyle ideas for improving health. For example, walking at least 10,000 steps or sleeping more than 8 hours a day. Unfortunately, such advice does not take into account the individual characteristics of your body - your age, gender, profession, health status, so most often such recommendations are ineffective, and in some cases even dangerous. Engy Health will help you determine whether various healthy lifestyle hacks are personally applicable to you in a given period of life.

Sports / healthy lifestyle
26.10.2020 How to manage your exercise load with Engy Health?

One of the most common problems in amateur and professional sports is the inability to determine the optimal physical activity for the body. The result of an incorrectly selected load can be a diagnosis of "overtraining", a breakdown in health and a forced suspension from sports for weeks or even months. Engy Health analyzes your body's stress using the heart rate variability (HRV) methodology used by sports physicians around the world, and gives clear recommendations for correcting the load.

Sports / healthy lifestyle
10.09.2020 Feedback. How to get out of overtraining and get in shape with Engy Health

Igor Kurtepov, an ultra-runner and triathlete, an ultra-long-distance sports coach and the author of the healthy lifestyle blog Begoman, talks about how to regain shape after getting into the overtraining zone and avoid similar mistakes in the future using HRV

Sports / healthy lifestyle
18.08.2020 Feedback. How I Prepared and Recovered for the Half Marathon with Engy Health

Three years ago I was actively involved in triathlon. During this time, I overcame Ironman and Norseman and got certified as a trainer. Here's how I adjust my training load with Engy Health.

Sports / healthy lifestyle
Work / Life
29.07.2020 Feedback. How do I adjust my training plan and load based on HRV indicators?

Boris Shkolnikov, our CTO and triathlete, shows by his own example how Engy Health helps to find a balance between sports, health, business and family every day.

Work / Life
27.03.2020 Feedback. How Engy Health helped me find out the ideal length of vacation

Our colleague went on vacation to Bali with Engy Health and found out how many days it takes for the physiological recovery of the body after the stress of the capital and whether surfing really has a positive effect on health.

Work / Life
28.01.2020 Feedback. How I Found My Stress Management Method With Engy Health

My name is V. Sokolov. I'm an entrepreneur, I'm 33. I started my fight against stress and complete burnout a year ago. The main tool that helped me track my recovery was the Engy Health method for measuring heart rate variability (HRV). In this article, I share my experience.

Work / Life
Sports / healthy lifestyle
16.01.2020 Balance: how to find harmony between tension and relaxation?

The dream of many is to find a balance between work and play, needs and opportunities. Our body also needs a balance between tension and calmness. The heart rate variability technique, which is the basis of Engy Health, makes it possible to find and maintain this balance.

Sports / healthy lifestyle
Work / Life
16.01.2020 Load: how to stop living in constant overvoltage?

Most of us live in constant stress and tension. The problem is ignored until it leads to disease. The "Load" indicator records the critical overstrain of the body and suggests when you need rest for self-recovery

Sports / healthy lifestyle
27.12.2019 Engy Health in the Arctic: how to monitor the health of a scientific expedition?

Arctic tourism is developing and becoming the dream of an increasing number of travelers. However, not everyone realizes how difficult and extreme the conditions are. How to monitor the health of an entire expedition in the Arctic?

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