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The benefits of pre-medical diagnostics

Usually we start to deal with health when something is already worried. But why wait for the onset of the problem, if you can prevent the threat by eliminating the provoking factors.

This approach to health improvement is suggested by pre-medical diagnostics (nosos is translated from Greek as “disease”), ie pre-medical diagnostics. The focus of this area of ​​modern medicine is the identification of imbalances between the body and the external environment, that is, borderline states between health and disease.

Measure of health
You can find out about a person's condition using the analysis of heart rate variability (HRV). The method is not intended to diagnose clinical pathologies, but is ideal for assessing the general functional capabilities of the body and detecting early abnormalities, which, in the absence of competent prevention, can develop into serious diseases. The clinical significance of HRV analysis was recognized in 1965. In the USSR, the first symposium on this topic was held the next year, and in the seventies scientists from Western Europe and the USA became actively interested in it. This technique was used in space cardiology to monitor the health of astronauts before and during flights. But it turned out to be so reliable, convenient and effective that it became the basis for research in industrial, military, and sports medicine. Now, with the help of mobile services, for example, Engy Health, such an express check option is available to any user. With it, health can literally be measured.

Self-diagnosis capabilities
Using the mobile platform Engy Health, which analyzes your heart rate, you will be able to control your condition not by internal sensations, but through the prism of numbers corresponding to specific conditions. Engy Health is a portable reading device and mobile app that provides information about your health. Measurement takes 5 minutes, after which you will see your main indicators on the screen:

  • Stress demonstrates how well the body copes with stress and adapts to environmental conditions;
  • Energy shows how much resources the body can mobilize to overcome stress;
  • Pulse will indicate if there is a malfunction of the cardiovascular system;
  • Balance reflects the ratio of your ability to mobilize under stress and recover from;
  • Load will tell you how effectively the body's protective functions are supported;
  • Blood circulation index shows where you are at the moment and what measures should be taken to improve performance.
For details on each metric, see here

К Key Dimension Element
Based on the data obtained, Health space or Baevsky diagram * , a graphic reflection of your health. The "dot" on the diagram reflects the ratio of the body's internal reserves and the degree of tension of its regulatory systems, which is necessary to overcome the current load. In other words, with the help of the diagram, you can estimate how much effort you use to overcome stress and how much energy you have. It is important to keep track of which quarter of the diagram you are in, since the transition from one to another (in particular from green to yellow, orange and red) indicates changes in his body for the worse.

All moves recorded
The service saves all measurements in the account's memory and at any time you can track your dynamics by analyzing what changes in lifestyle, diet, sleep patterns or activity led to improvement or deterioration. This is especially important for monitoring the health status at "long" distances or for detailed consultation with a physiologist, which Engy Health users can receive at any time if they wish.


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