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Health space

The health space is a key component of Engy Health service. This is an opportunity to clearly see the "point" of your health condition.

The authorship of the technique belongs to R.M. Baevsky, founder of space cardiology, professor, senior researcher at the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This technique has been used for several decades for training and remote monitoring of the health status of astronauts before and during flights. It is also used in sports medicine to analyze the degree of preparation of professional athletes for competitions. 

Health space (or Baevsky diagram) shows the ratio of reserves and tension in the body

After analyzing your indicators according to a special methodology, Engy Health service will express your condition with a dot on the diagram. Using it, you can clearly understand which zone you are in, whether there is a threat of illness, whether it is worth taking a break in business, or, conversely, to make sure how the chosen lifestyle has a positive effect on your health. The diagram will tell you how much effort is being taken up by current tasks and whether you have enough energy in store to cope with stress. And by making regular measurements, you can easily track the dynamics of changes.   

How is the diagram formed?

Reserves -  it is the body's ability to adapt to stress and compensate for the expended energy without disturbing homeostasis, that is, balance. We can say that this is the "reliability" of the organism.

Voltage - it is the tension of the regulatory systems (autonomic nervous system, central nervous system, humoral system), which provide the protective functions of the body. Their overvoltage is an alarming signal. This means that you become more vulnerable to the development of diseases. Lack of voltage is also dangerous. It means that the body is exhausted and is no longer able to command the functional systems (muscles, blood circulation, etc.) to mobilize when necessary.

What do the color zones mean?

The entire Baevsky diagram or Health Space is based on the theory of researchers that there are certain “prenosological”, that is, pre-morbid conditions between health and pathology. And having determined which of them a person is in, you can have time to take measures and prevent the development of the disease. 

Norm , or (green zone) the upper part of the lower green and the lower upper quadrant speaks of good adaptation of the body to emerging loads, the presence of functional reserves, the ability to quickly recover from stress.

Pre-nosological states (yellow zone) - the top of the right and left upper quadrants indicate that in order to maintain balance, the body needs to overstrain the regulatory systems and the used reserves cannot be restored in time. If such a load continues for a long time, the body will be depleted.  

Premorbid conditions (orange zone) in the lower left part of the left quadrant show poor adaptation to external influences, decreased functionality and decreased stress. That is, the body no longer even strains to restore balance. 

Pathology (red zone) left lower quadrant - impaired adaptation and homeostasis, the development of pathological changes. In other words, you get sick.

IMPORTANT : The closer your health point is to the center of the diagram, the more unstable your condition. You can relatively easily return to the green zone, but it is also easy to enter the yellow or red

The left side of the green quadrant is a special zone. It is typical for professional athletes and trained people. If your point is in this area, check a metric such as PARS . With its normal (up to 4-5) values, everything is in order. If the PARS is more than 5, we recommend contacting a specialist for examination. 

How to see the Health Space in Engy Health?

After the end of the measurement, 6 indicators are visible on the screen. If you click on the arrow at the top of the screen, you will be taken to a page with Health Space

Your current state will be marked with a bold dot. The results of previous measurements will also be visible on the diagram, so that you can conveniently navigate in your dynamics. 

How will this indicator help me?

By the location of the point on the diagram, it will be easy for you to determine how much strength you have and how close or far you are from the breakdown of adaptation. You can change your lifestyle with an emphasis on training, recovery and nutrition and observe the position of the indicator on the chart. The dynamics very clearly show how responsive your body is to changes in lifestyle.

In case of an already onset illness or excessive stress, you need to strive to shift your point to the green area, that is, to the area of ​​balance of Reserves and Tension , and keep it there.

The diagram shows the body's response to changes in lifestyle even before you could feel them. It takes into account those indicators that you cannot consciously track.

The Health Space is your motivator when playing sports or integrating habits that are aimed at promoting health or improving the quality of life.

When to take measurements?

Ideally, analyze your condition in the morning and evening. If on the evening measurement your performance has worsened compared to the morning, this may indicate a decrease in your adaptive abilities and the need for rest. A healthy body will be able to recover and the next morning the indicator will again be in the yellow or green zone, but if there is no recovery during the rest period, you should seek the advice of a specialist.

Let's look at the case

  • Do you play sports

But you don't know yet which mode will be optimal. You start measurements in the morning and in the evening and are in the normal range for some time. But now the second and third weeks of training pass. And the point of your state gradually moves to the yellow area. This means that the body gradually depletes its reserves, the tension of the regulatory systems increases and, if you do not reconsider the load, you may feel a worsening of the state. You need to take a short break from training, recover to normal values ​​and try another mode, also analyzing it using the Engy Health service.

  • You are on a diet

You have been feeling unwell for quite some time and have been advised to stick to a healthy diet. Will it help you? Let's turn to the Baevsky diagram. In the beginning, you will be in the yellow or even orange zone. But as you adjust your diet, in addition to improving your well-being, you will see that the health point is gradually moving towards the normal range. This is a sure sign that your body is enjoying your chosen diet.


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