Description of the PARS diagram

What is it? PARS - "Indicator of the Activity of Regulatory Systems" - an integral indicator reflecting the degree of stress in the body as a whole.

How to use the indicator?

The lower the PARS indicator, the better and more efficiently your body copes with the load. Strive for an indicator of 1-3 points.

How to find an individual rate?

Like other indicators of the methodology of heart rate variability, the PARS indicator is individual. It depends on age, profession, gender, intensity of sports training, intellectual, emotional and physical stress.

Measure HRV daily, and you will have an understanding of the individual level of PARS, both during stressful periods of life and during rest. You will understand what your PARS indicators are in the restored condition, and you will know exactly what indicators to strive for.

Having understood your level of PARS in the restored state, at the second stage you can also track the effect of sleep, work, physical activity, diets, etc. on the stress of the body in order to find the optimal balance of loads in all spheres of life

What if I have an increased PARS?

You need to reduce the load. Try to identify and eliminate stressors

What if I still have questions?

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