CV - the degree of variation of the RMSSD indicator corresponding to the tone of the parasympathetic system (Recovery) over the last 7 days and shows how stable it is. This indicator (along with RMSSD) is most often used by athletes to monitor the stability of recovery after training.

How to use the indicator?

  • The lower the CV, the more stable your recovery. For professional athletes, the CV level usually corresponds to 2-3 points, for semi-professional athletes - 3-5 points against the background of a stable or growing RMSSD.
  • The higher your CV, the less stable your recovery.

What if my CV is too high?

Try to stabilize the load at an acceptable level for the body. The RMSSD indicator will tell you the optimal load

How to find an individual rate?

Like other indicators of the heart rate variability methodology, the CV indicator is individual. It depends on age, profession, gender, intensity of sports training, intellectual and emotional stress. With daily measurements, you will have an understanding of the individual's CV level and its dependence on the increase or decrease in physical activity of the body.

What if I still have questions?

You can contact our physiologist for advice in the "Chat" section or write to the Support Service